Homemade busy board for toddlers

Бизиборд своими руками

Busy board is an ordinary board on which you can nail all kinds of tools. It can be gadgets, everyday items and other gizmos that little fidgets pull their pens to. The toy is developmental, and child psychologists and parents all over the world speak about its benefits.


This educational game for the little ones can be purchased in stores, but it is much more interesting to make a smart board with your own hands, taking any available means and showing imagination.

Among the advantages of this type of creativity, the following are worth highlighting:

  • You are given the opportunity to create a toy for your child yourself.
  • You can take into account the interests of the baby to make this item attractive to him.
  • You will be able to save on the purchase of one of the most popular and expensive baby products.

Step by step description of the process

Before you start making a toy step by step, it is worth securing time and collecting items that may be of interest to your child. You can also look for ideas on the Internet, as many sites are replete with all sorts of creative solutions for crafts for children.

Usually babies at 1 year old like to play with the following things:

  • with keys and locks
  • lightning
  • button gadgets
  • hammers
  • drum and drumsticks
  • strings
  • bouncing balls and balls

After that, you need to do the following:

Find a large square board of medium thickness. It can be chipboard or wood, and even thick cardboard and plastic. Also, if the project has doors, you need to choose a similar material for them.
Distribute all the elements that we have chosen on the board, considering their location as much as possible. It should be comfortable and harmonious. Mark their location with a simple pencil.
If doors are conceived, draw them completely and saw out with a small saw, and then sand the edges. You can stick cars on the doors of a boy’s busy board, and girls will be delighted with images of princesses.

Mount the doors using the fasteners you have chosen. You can attach it with a cord threaded into the hooks nailed to the main board, and you can also purchase special door holders in the store.

Attention: Behind one of the doors you can stick a photo of a little girl or boy with whom your baby will communicate, or a cute pet.

Nail the rest of the hooks to the pre-marked places where other accessories will be held. Also, if you wish, you can glue some of them on hot silicone or on laces nailed to the board. Remember that for a girl, more delicate shades of accessories are suitable – pink, lilac, light yellow, and boys will prefer brighter colors.

And finally, if turning the lights on and off is your baby’s favorite pastime, you can supplement the “business board” with a battery-powered flashlight, which is turned on with a large button. It can also be glued to silicone.

Without a doubt, the creation of a busy board is a time-consuming business, but the opportunity to live it with a baby is worth it, and the development of fine motor skills in an infant will lay in it a good basis for future endeavors. And if you are too lazy to do something yourself – welcome to our catalog! And lastly)

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