Busy box (busy cube)

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Need a useful toy that will entertain your baby not only at home, but also in the car, train or plane? Then take this activity cube with you. Your kid will love it and definitely not get bored!

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Compact size, rich content and creative design – these are the main characteristics of this busy cube. The model is compact and versatile.

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Nowadays there is a great variety of different toys that can arouse great interest in a child. A great amount of toys have been designed for development of child’s motor skills and thinking, which did not previously exist.

Busy box and busy house from Busyboard-toys.com

One of the coolest examples of a logic game is a busy cube. It is an educational toy, which was invented according to the Montessori method and captivates the child for a long time. Busy cube may also be called busy box.

Our online store Busyboard-toys.com offers the best, most safe and exciting busy boxes for your kids. Busy cubes will bring a lot of joy to your child, because they are equipped with various items, such as:

  • different figures to boost your childs imagination;
  • elements of clothing and footwear;
  • musical items;
  • various mechanisms;
  • details for learning counting, etc.

Busy box (busy cube)

Parents can easily choose a busy box with elements that are suitable specifically for their child and will draw their attention.

Purchase and delivery

You can buy any busy box from the catalog on the official website of our company.

The price of busy cubes varies depending on the size and content, but it is quite affordable for each client.
Order a delivery and receive your developing cube at specified address. All delivery options are are described on the website of our company Busyboard-toys.com.

The child will remember this gift for a long time and will be playing with busy cube and developing their imagination and thinking while the parents are doing their own thing.

If you have any questions, please, contact us.


What age is the busy board suitable for?

Most often from 8 months to 4 years. Each parent must independently determine whether the child is ready for it. The elements on the boards vary in complexity and are designed to be gradually mastered as they get older. According to the reviews of our customers, older brothers and sisters under the age of 9-10 also enjoy playing with the kids.
How safe is this toy for a child?

All products on our website are 100% safe. The toys have passed all the necessary tests and have all the necessary quality certificates.
How to wash the busy board house before the game?

The toy can be wiped from dust and dirt using a dry / slightly damp soft cloth, sponge or damp cloth. Do not use abrasive sponges or aggressive cleaning agents or solvents.
What paint is the busy board painted?

Parts covered with water-based paint, no chemicals. All materials are absolutely safe. The house is certified as a toy for children. There is no cause for concern.
Is there a guarantee?

Yes, all busy boards are warranted for 28 days for manufacturing defects.
Is this toy eligible for a return?

Yes, if something suddenly does not suit you, you can always contact our store.