Large busy board house

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Does your child simply adores going to the amusement park? Give him his own miniature one – a bright busy house with a luminous Ferris wheel, a slingshot ride, carousel doors and other cool developmental elements. Your kid will have fun, but will also master a lot of useful mental and motor skills.

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One of the funniest houses of “Znayka” TM! Most of its elements are decorated with funny geometric figures with smiles.

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It is one of the most functional busy boards covered in lots of developmental elements! Kids learn new words, discover the world around them and develop useful motor and mental skills before other children.

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If you are advanced parents who want their child to develop comprehensively, then you will find a busy house the most wonderful tool for this.

How busy house affects the development of the child?

Busy house develops the child’s fine motor skills, coordination and teaches them to interactwith various household items. Busy house consists of 6 playing sides, where different sorters, geometric shapes, clothing and footwear, musical toys, a chalkboard, various mechanisms, details for studying mathematics and much more are situated.

The content of the panels can be chosen based on childs age, gender, personal preferences (theme, the presence of a light module, size of the toy).

Large busy houses vary in their size from 29×35 sm to 40×50 sm, in addition, large busy houses contain more educational elements for children.

Влияние бизидомов на развитие детей

You can buy any large busy house in USA and Europe. Just open the catalog of educational toys in our store Save time on the road and pick a busy house for your child from our website.

We offer a variety of toys

All busy houses are made of natural plywood, that is safe for a child. When buying a busy house, you will be sure that the child’s interest for him will not disappear for many years.

Benefits from ordering on

When choosing educational toys from, you will get a lot of advantages:

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What age is the busy board suitable for?

Most often from 8 months to 4 years. Each parent must independently determine whether the child is ready for it. The elements on the boards vary in complexity and are designed to be gradually mastered as they get older. According to the reviews of our customers, older brothers and sisters under the age of 9-10 also enjoy playing with the kids.
How safe is this toy for a child?

All products on our website are 100% safe. The toys have passed all the necessary tests and have all the necessary quality certificates.
How to wash the busy board house before the game?

The toy can be wiped from dust and dirt using a dry / slightly damp soft cloth, sponge or damp cloth. Do not use abrasive sponges or aggressive cleaning agents or solvents.
What paint is the busy board painted?

Parts covered with water-based paint, no chemicals. All materials are absolutely safe. The house is certified as a toy for children. There is no cause for concern.
Is there a guarantee?

Yes, all busy boards are warranted for 28 days for manufacturing defects.
Is this toy eligible for a return?

Yes, if something suddenly does not suit you, you can always contact our store.