The best elements for a baby busy board

Лучшие элементы для бизиборда, которые понравятся вашему ребенку

I’m always looking for the best busy board elements – special, whimsical, unlike anything seen every day. Such details of the busy board excite the imagination of children and make engineers think.

When I was designing a new busy board for a one year old boy, as always, I chose a non-standard layout and showed a little creativity with elements.


The best elements

A tube. Most of all he amazes babies.

Light switch.

Button. A fairly simple and obvious element, but very popular. I always choose buttons that feel good to touch and sound good when pressed.

Concierge call. Ding! Ding! This is a terrific element and deserves to take center stage on any board. It is big, round, loud, mirrored and looks like a shiny metal chest. A bit tricky to attach, but since I’ve been using them for a while now I’ve mastered the process.

Hook. Simple but effective. I was surprised how much kids love the opportunity to have a place dedicated to their belongings. If they have a favorite bag, basket, or toy guitar, they’ll happily hang it on their board. Thus, it nicely complements the imaginary game. Or, when children imagine that a busy board is a car or an airplane, the hook serves as a suitcase where you can put your “luggage”.

Wheels. Large ones are mesmerizing and give impetus. Smaller sizes give an expressive look. Ideal for the little fingers to practice fine motor skills.

Mirror. This is a fish-eye rear view that can be rotated and allows your child to see the room behind while playing. A must when playing driving.

Door chain. Isn’t that cute? Shiny gold chain for training eye-hand coordination.

Bell. A wonderful sound element that will perfectly decorate any empty space.

Pen. It is very functional. For one-year-old children, the busy board becomes an excellent machine for practicing standing skills. The pen helps a lot. They will confidently grip and stand up while playing..

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